Miracles Life Care started with an individual caregiver who has the highest of standards, years of experience, extensive knowledge, and whose gentle and compassionate approach created the foundation for “Changing The Way We Care.” I was inspired to start caregiving while working with Physical Therapy clients. I realized the corporate services they were being offered were not adequate for what the clients needed to thrive. Many clients I cared about were not recovering from what ailed them due to the lack of support or the wrong “corporate” care plan. I also realized that a lot of the privately employed caregivers were under skilled and not well connected with a support system. I have combined the best of the corporate world and private sector by offering corporate structure without the generic corporate approach and cost. We optimize the care our clients expect and do receive. I became very passionate about taking a holistic approach to achieve the best outcome for these clients who trusted me to do so. In 2001, about six years after I had been working at Health South Rehabilitation and had become a well seasoned clinician, I had my first experience managing a private home that required private duty caregivers. I had a Physical Therapy client, a lovely woman of 42 years old who had caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. My client suffered a brain stem stroke resulting in Locked In Syndrome. Meaning she could not speak or move her body, but was fully cognitive and had a better memory than I did! After having had the experience of caregiving and managing my father’s business and home it seemed only natural for me to want to go beyond my duties of Physical Therapy.

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