So much more than just clean windows

In 2008, Greg and Kira Nickens found themselves, like so many others, in a desperate spot. At the time, he was working in the RV industry, an industry fraught with challenges from the recession. It was suggested that he wash windows to cover his bills. Greg, despite being skeptical of the window cleaning industry, began knocking on doors. Because of Greg’s work ethic and vision, this side income turned into a business. Thirteen years later, Brighter Days Window Cleaning, LLC has risen to the top of the industry with a stellar reputation and a name that has become known to households and businesses across Southern Arizona. Brighter Days remains a leader in the industry with over four hundred five star reviews due to Mr. Nickens’ effort maintaining quality standards and customer relations. Exceeding the customers expectations on every job and maintaining a positive attitude is Brighter Days top priority. Each individual at Brighter Days was brought on board, not because of work history, but instead, because of character. As Greg stated, “We believe that work ethic and integrity trumps all else. Those two characteristics take years to build while the skills of our trade can be learned and perfected within a relatively brief time period.”
For 13 years, Brighter Days’ pricing has remained very competitive. As owner, Greg Nickens explains, “If we would like a raise, we will build our business instead of passing the burden to the customers who support us.” Because of that, whether you are getting your windows cleaned, your property power washed, your screens cleaned, chandeliers cleaned, or having calcium removed from your shower doors, they can guarantee that you are getting a superb value.

This story and photos provided by Brighter Days Window Cleaning, LLC and The Green Valley News & Sahuarita Sun Advertising Department.