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Tips on Staying Mentally Sharp

One of the frightening things about aging is realizing that your brain cannot work as well as it used to work before. You find aspects like a senior forgetting the name of their children, accidentally putting the car key in the kitchen drawer and completely forgetting about it. This has become a common thing among the aging persons, especially after retirement. They tend to be idle, lonely and confused. Some memory loss is genetic, but you can still improve the brain's sharpness and the earlier you start, the better. The following tips will help keep your mind or your elderly relatives' brain sharp;

Add more brain foods in your diet

Certain foods enhance proper brain functioning. These provisions protect the brain and can generate new brain cells if regularly taken. You should consume foods that contain healthy fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are contained in some fish like tuna. The brain also requires high antioxidants capacity for its functioning. You also need to increase the intake of garlic, blueberries grapes and olive oil.

Engage in mind games

Memory games are also ideal for training your brain. Games like Scrabble involves expanding vocabulary and improves alertness and games like board and card games helps you extend mental strategies and improve your memory effortlessly.

Mental and physical exercise

Exercising improves the blood flow to the brain which increases the ability to preserve cognitive and physical functions. Even for the people who have developed memory loss, exercising can help manage the situation.

Staying connected

It is helpful if you are linked to other individuals who are helping push your cognitive function. The assisted living is the best place for aging people to get memory care. Professionals take care of people with needs at independent living which might be of great help for memory improvement. As senior citizens grow older throughout their retirement life, they will most likely experience a decline in their cognitive abilities. This is why it is important to consider senior living facilities that keep them engaged, allowing them to live happy, healthy and definitely staying mentally sharp.

Learning to relax

Stress is one of the aspects that affect cognitive function and changing from your daily routine to doing something fun will distract you from stress.

For help with elderly care and how to keep them happy and engaged, take them to a senior home where they will get extra care, attention, and comfort. Memory care is on top of the list in independent living communities; therefore, the seniors will stay mentally healthy. At Arroyo Gardens Independent and Assisted Living community, they offer a wide variety of graduated care, all while experiencing the beauty of the southern Arizona desert.

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