The three C’s of pool care

Taking care of your own swimming pool in Green Valley, Arizona, is something anyone can do when armed with the right knowledge. Nothing can be more rewarding than doing it yourself. But to make sure that your swimming pool is clean and healthy, proper maintenance is a must. It’s not that hard if you take the time to do it right. When it comes to taking care of your pool, keep in mind the three C’s of pool care: Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemistry.
• Run pool pump 1hr for every 10 degrees. So if it’s 90 degrees, run it for 9 hours.
• Backwash or clean filter once pressure reaches 10 PSI above the clean starting point.
• Clean skimmer and pump baskets weekly or after any wind events.
• Brush walls, steps, ladders and low circulation areas weekly.
• Skim the surface weekly or after wind events.
• Vacuum once a week or use an automatic cleaner like the Maytronics Dolphin.

• Test water at least weekly or after heavier than normal usage.
• Balance pH and alkalinity.
• Maintain a chlorine level between 1-5.
• Shock every other week or after a large gathering or wind event.
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This story and photos provided by TotalCare Pool and the Green Valley News Advertising Department.