Saint Francis-in-the-Valley was granted self-supporting "mission status" to seventeen local Episcopalians in January 1967. This was three years after the retirement village of Green Valley, Arizona was established. This group of seventeen Episcopalians, which became Saint Francis-in-the-Valley, first met at the East Center Recreational building. Today, St. Francis has more than 500 active members on a beautiful 4.3 acre campus with an annual operating budget of half a million dollars. St. Francis is located in a beautiful site in Arizona, South of Tucson at the foot of the Santa Rita Mountains, in an area where housing has been predominately developed for retirees. Many parishioners maintain summer homes outside of Arizona, so attendance at worship services during the winter months (November through April) averages 300 and is approximately 200 for Sundays in the summer. Our "village" of Green Valley has grown to a summer population of about 20,000 permanent residents and swells to nearly 40,000 people for the winter season. Visitors are introduced to the congregation at the beginning of each service and are welcomed. Many people have commented on the feeling of warmth and the hospitable attitude of our parish.

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