We are dedicated to improving and preserving Green Valley Recreation (GVR) by providing information and reasoned opinion on issues of governance, finances, and operations. We continue to encourage the GVR Staff and Board to be accountable to the members and provide them with timely, factual, and sufficient information on important issues. We communicate to our subscribers through email and you can communicate to us at gvrec4us@gmail.com GOVERNANCE: Adherence to the Bylaws, Policy Statements, and Governing Documents by both the Board of Directors and the Staff is a constant battle. Protecting members rights to communicate with board members and transparency surrounding meetings and legal opinions is a priority. We believe the Staff should be implementing the policies of the Board, not the other way around. FINANCES: We advocate for a open budget process where debate on future growth and large expenditures includes input from all members and is not financed 'off budget' from reserves. We also advocate for adequate reserves that are 'restricted' to the repair and replacement of our existing facilities. We do not support the use of reserves as a slush fund to finance 'innovations' that are not in the budget. OPERATIONS: We applaud GVR for implementing the 'GVR Blast' as a communication tool, but are dismayed that they do not include members comments or use polling tools to gather member sentiment. Policies implemented for the use of facilities are not always in the members interest and seem to be the Staffs wishes and not those of the Board of Directors.

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