Retirement income planning in southern Arizona can prompt a lot of questions. After all, you’re already in an area that’s coveted by many retirees from its warmth and beauty, so you may wonder if you need a lot to compete. The question becomes how much to retire and how much to work your future financial goals into your current spending habits. The standard advice for retirement planning is that you need around $1 million to withdraw an average of $40,000 to $50,000 per year, but this blanket answer doesn’t apply to everyone. Whether you live in Green Valley, Ariz., Tubac, Ariz., or Nogales, Ariz., you deserve a financial advisor who can take a much closer look at your assets and how they can be manipulated to better suit your needs. RETIREMENT INCOME How much do I need to retire in Pima County? As you work out a more precise number to this question, you can count on an expert financial advisor to explain the risks involved and analyze when they make the most sense for your portfolio. A person who’s already informed their company of their last day on the job in Santa Cruz County will need a different strategy than someone who just got a promotion. Mark P. Becque is a financial advisor who knows how to plan your retirement income based on what you’re looking for and your desired retirement age. Some of his clients may want to volunteer on a schedule much like they did when they had a full-time job, while others will want to see the world. Whatever it is — from the simple to the extravagant — he can work with what you have now so you’re ready for what you’ll want later.

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