Some falls result in only minor injuries, but every fall has the potential to cause disabling fractures and even traumatic brain injuries. Your health and quality of life are important, so invest in yourself by taking a few simple steps to prevent potentially disabling falls:

Choose a Safe Living Environment

Independent and assisted living homes offer the safest possible environment for seniors who are at risk of falls. Theyโ€™re designed by experts specifically to improve mobility, enhance lifestyle, and minimize safety hazards. As an example, a safe home is one that has adequate lighting in all areas, indoors and outdoors. As you grow older, your vision can change. Good lighting can allow you to spot potential tripping hazards and help you keep your footing.

Wear Sturdy Footwear

A simple change in footwear can help reduce your risk of falling. Avoid wearing shoes that can throw you off balance, like shoes with tall heels. Look for shoes that provide the support you need, with a non-skid sole. If you wear slippers around your home, find a pair that offers both support and floor-gripping treads on the rubber soles.

Consider Medication Management

Many seniors take multiple medications. Itโ€™s important to continue to take all of your medications as prescribed, but do check with your doctor about possible side effects. Some drugs are more likely than others to cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and drowsiness, particularly when they are taken with other medications. If you do experience these side effects, your doctor may be able to put you on a different medication. You should also know about any restrictions for your medications. For example, taking certain drugs with alcohol can increase the likelihood of developing dizziness and drowsiness.

Arroyo Gardens Independent and Assisted Living offers a safe, home-like environment for seniors. A nurse is available 24/7, and a call system offers continuous monitoring for your peace of mind. To inquire about available independent and assisted living homes in Green Valley, AZ, call (520) 625-7737.

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