Eye Care 101 for Seniors

Caring for your eyes is essential at every stage of life, but for seniors, the need for regular eye care becomes even more important. This is because there are several age-related vision problems that can strike in the later years of life. Continue reading for an overview of eye care basics during the golden years.

Injury Prevention

Whether living in a family member’s home or an independent living community, seniors must take care to avoid slip and fall accidents. Falls can cause injuries throughout the body, including the eyes. Removing tripping and slipping hazards, such as loose cords and rugs, can help to prevent falls and the injuries they cause. For seniors who enjoy activities like woodworking or gardening, where objects may be sent flying unexpectedly, it’s also important to utilize protective eyewear. Wearing sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection is another important step for seniors who want to prevent eye injuries and preserve their vision.

Regular Exams

Annual eye exams are recommended for those past the age of 65. By seeing an optometrist each year, seniors can ensure that vision problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are caught as early as possible. Oftentimes, with early intervention, vision problems can be corrected or slowed down, allowing seniors to continue enjoying retirement living to the fullest.

Treatment Options

There are a range of treatment options that can help seniors continue to enjoy optimal eyesight. For many vision problems, eyeglasses can provide adequate correction. For more severe vision issues, eye surgery may be an ideal choice. Cataract surgery, medications, and lifestyle changes are all eye care options that optometrists and ophthalmologists may recommend to senior patients.

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